What is CaesarStone®?
CaesarStone® is the original quartz-based engineered stone primarily used for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. CaesarStone is 93% crushed quartz, one of nature's hardest minerals. The quartz is combined with high-quality polymer resins and pigments and then compacted under intense vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense, non-porous slabs. The slabs are post cured, gauged to precise thickness, and polished to an enduring shine. Although long used for the finest residential countertops, CaesarStone is now offered as an attractive and versatile finish for commercial and institutional buildings. Our quartz surfacing is tough enough for the wear and tear on just about any interior surface, and beautiful enough for every architectural and decorating scheme. Kosher certified.

Caesar stone is made of 93% natural quartz, one of the strongest elements in nature. Manufactured in Israel, Caesar stone utilizes a patented process to eliminate all natural stone imperfections. The originator of quartz kitchen and bath countertops, Caesar stone has many advantages over all other surfaces, including marble and granite; they do not chip, crack or discolor. Because Caesar stone is non-porous and never needs sealing, it doesn't catch food residue or bacteria, and cleans with just a moist cloth. Tough Caesar stone quartz surfaces resist damage from heat, cold, food, acids, caustic wine spills, even knife scratches. Caesar stone has more beautiful designer colors than anyone else in the quartz industry, including honed natural finishes and marble-like textures. Caesar stone is Kosher safe.

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